Fall 2021 Jewelry Trends

Fall is here and so are Fall 2021's hottest jewelry trends! So far, we love the 2021 jewelry trends because there is something for everyone. 

Here is a quick breakdown of our favorite fall trends:

1. Mixed Metal Chains

Let the record show that we've been mixing metals for years! Did we start this trend? It's hard to tell but we have certainly embraced it for many years. Don't believe us? Just ask Jamie about the infamous "man stack." Anyway, mixed metal chains are in this fall and we love this trend! We have some beautiful options in our studio and we can work with you to find something that perfectly accentuates your fall looks.

2. A Pop of Color

Embracing the rainbow is officially in for fall 2021 and we have the perfect pieces in our collection! Stop by our studio to try on some sparkle and see if this trend fits your jewelry style.

3. Lots of Layers

This trend speaks for itself. Fall jewelry fashion is saying goodbye to the old jewelry rule of three. Instead, we are fully embracing the layering trend. As Katie always says, "more is more!" So, no need to choose between beaded bracelets and a diamond tennis bracelet. Choose both! Stack them up and you are ready to hit the runway - or, your next Zoom call.

4. Statement Earrings

Chandelier earrings are officially making a comeback and we are here for it! We have glamorous, high end Diamond Chandelier options and dazzling, budget-friendly pieces like these White Topaz Drop Earrings. We also have fabulous new stud earrings in fun shapes and symbols if you prefer a low key version of this trend.

5. The Color Black 

In our opinion, black is always in style but it's safe to say that black jewelry is officially trending this fall. Embrace your inner emo/punk rock with mysterious black diamonds or sparkling black sapphire jewelry! Note that we usually sell out of our black stone jewelry quickly so this might be the perfect time to consider something custom!