Brilliant’s Jewelry Care Commandments

1. Do Not Wear Your Jewelry to the Gym

While pumping iron is great for your guns, there is nothing that will ruin rings faster than the weight room. Rubbing metal against metal can damage the finish by scratching and denting your rings. Squeezing your ring against a metal bar can bend the ring. Bending the ring can cause the ring to become misshapen. Misshapen and bent rings can cause stones to come loose because the prongs can open up. Prongs opening can make stones fall out. Stones falling out makes people unhappy.

Instead, replace your fine jewelry with one of our silicone bands while you hit the gym! You can stylishly remind people of your marriage without risking jewelry damage. 

2. Do Not Shower With Your Jewelry

Skip wearing your jewelry in the shower and it will help to keep it clean as a whistle! This one seems silly. But if you think about it, showering with jewelry on subjects your pieces to the same elements that make your shower dirty. Soap, shampoo, conditioner, hard water - all of these things can create a film on your jewelry. Over time that build up of stuff meant to make you clean can actually make your jewelry look like a filmy shower door!

3. Do Not Swim in your Jewelry

Don't Swim in Your Jewelry! Depending on where you're swimming, pool, lake, ocean, river - all are places that don't necessarily mix with jewelry. Some pools have chemicals that like to pit metals. Some stones are porous and don't do well when wet for extended periods of time. Some lakes are deep and if your jewelry slips off, it is hard (if not impossible) to find. Some oceans and rivers have sea animals that are attracted to sparkly objects. But none of these are more important than the fact that we hear time and time again - "I lost my ring while I was swimming in the (insert body of water)." If you don't have the jewelry, we can't help you to keep it in great condition!

Side Note: Please make sure that any jewelry that is important to you is properly evaluated and insured!

4. Do Not Sleep in your Jewelry

Given an option, we'd much prefer to park our car in a garage than on the street. On the street it gets worn by the weather, dinged by doors and even occasionally bumped by bad parkers. In a garage your car stays cozy and clean all night long. The same goes for your jewelry. If you take it off at night when you go to bed, tuck it into in a jewelry box, place it into a plastic baggie, or drop it onto a jewelry holder. That way, it won't get caught in your hair, the sheets or your pjs. Giving your jewelry a rest while you rest can do wonders for the saving the sparkle.

5. Clean Your Jewelry at Home

Do yourself a favor, every once in a while give your jewelry a light scrubbing. All you need is a soft toothbrush, our jewelry cleaner and two bowls of water. Why bowls? Because it is best to keep your jewelry away from a drain. Use one bowl to soap up and gently scrub the jewelry. Fill the other bowl with clean water to be certain that you've removed all soap and residue. Dry completely with a soft cloth. For jobs that need a little more elbow grease, stop by your friendly neighborhood jeweler for a deep soak.

Jewelry is meant to be worn, but if you follow (even a few of) these tips, your pieces are guaranteed to sparkle longer. Occasionally, bring your jewelry to someone you trust to make sure the prongs are tight, the stones are secure and it's in generally good shape so you can continue to enjoy it for generations to come.